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About Bellara VIP APK FF

The VIP APK app is an Tool that is made by a third-party developer who has additional features such as the Auto Headhot, Unlimited diamonds, Anti-Banned diamonds and many other features.

Some additional features available on Bellara Pro VIP APK are not in the Free fire Original or at the ORO Server, so that its use is very prohibited by Developer Gare.

However, even though it should not be used because it is considered Cheat, considering the advantages that are very much obtained, it does not dampen the players’ intention to use Cheat Bellara Free fire or FF.

So, what are the latest features on the update this time? Check out the information for a moment.

The Bellara VIP Feature APK Mod Latest

There are many features that are embedded in the Cheat Bellara MOD VIP this time, One of them has mentioned above.

But besides what we mentioned also many other features, you can see the statement below.

Auto Headshots

If there is no one feature it feels called a cheat on war games such as Little Royale is less afdol.

Because Auto Headhot is very useful for those of us who want to win on but do not have many skills.

This feature is able to change the point of shooting that must regarding the Body Like the Agency, Hands, feet, stomach, chest will automatically change its directly to the Head.

Thus, you can eliminate it easily because of the direction of the bullet immediately leads to this vital part of Vital.

Auto Aim

Auto Aim complementing the first Feature, because by this feature of bullet density to Enemy Direction is definitely about 100%.

The difference with auto Headhot is that you can set yourself AIM or this shooting as you like.

There are 3 options for them, namely to the body, hands and the most to the One Hit Kill (Once dead) is the head.

No Recoil

When targeting a distant enemy with binoculars, the signs of shooting or Spot in the midst will not wobble. The sign, the direction of the shot will be very straight and certainly lead to one point.

Damage Plus

Thanks, No Recoil, Aim & Headhot of course the resulting Damage will be enormous so that the enemy can be quickly paralyzed.


This feature can make colorful enemy displays beginning of yellow, blue and Red.

The purpose of this feature is to clarify and distinguish the enemy with ornaments around starting from foliage, trees, buildings and so on.

In different colors, of course we can see very clearly the position of the enemy’s presence.

Hack Antenna Antenna

Just like Wallhack, Color Hack and Enemy’s presence detector, the Antenna Antenna Antenna could see enemies which tries to ambush very easily.

Just as its name, the Hack Antennas has the Long Head Look with line connecting us to the enemy.

Teleport Kill

One of the most embedded gods in Bellara FF VIP APK is Teleport Kill.

You can do Telephone without knowing the enemy. You can activate and move to the enemy’s back and then do theser from there.

Dark Mode

The new Feature’s Dark Mode. You can set the lighting for comfort when playing in BR Mode, Clash Squad mode, Dynamic Duo, Classic Modes and Rank Mode.


One of the advantages of the Features is on Mod Bellara VIP FF is Antiskinned.

With this feature you don’t have to worry about sanctions from developers for it is not possible.