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Whats Camscanner Mod?

CamScanner Mod Apk is an application that is recycled by a third party developer so that there are additional features such as opening Premium features for free, removing watermarks and ads.

You need to know that the version of CamScanner that has been launched is not directly by the developer, especially so that its status is still not official.

For that, you cannot get all these additional features if you are still using the CamScanner application that sings.

However, some of the features that we have mentioned above are just an outline because there are many more in it.


1. Ad impression free

One of the advantages of CamScanner Mod Apk No Ads (No Ads) will make you more comfortable using this one application.

When you finish Scan Paper Activities for documentation purposes, advertisements will usually appear with high intensity. But since this is a version of CamScanner Mods, all ads will disappear automatically.

2. No Watermark

For those of you who don’t know that the watermark in CamScanner indicates that the user’s license is still using the free application.

The watermark itself is used for the purposes of your brand or identity document. Where when you upgrade to the paid version then this sign will disappear.

But thanks to CamScanner Mod Apk No Watermark, it means that you can enjoy services without a watermark without the need to spend a dime.

3. HD Quality Images

In CamScanner Mod, you will be able to select Effects one by one the scan results are the same as in the original version. But the difference, this time the resulting image is HD quality so the results will be even better.

With this you can send files to other people with clear image output so that the results are much more leverage.

4. Insert More Images

Usually to scan the report we need several images ranging from 6-10 images maximum. However, it is very different from this version where the images that you can combine can be more than 10 images.

Don’t be afraid it won’t fit because the storage on this Modified version of the CamScanner is very large.

5. Unlocked All Premium

All the features that are presented, especially the Premium version, can now be enjoyed for free.

You don’t need to pay money to subscribe to CamScanner Premium Apk Mod because when you use this version you won’t be charged a penny.

With this you will save on costs because even without capital you are already enjoying the excellent features of this CamScanner.

How? Complete enough, isn’t it the features in this CamScanner Apk Mod Unlock All Premium? If so, if you need needs such as Scan Files such as ID cards, Family Cards (KK), diplomas, transcripts, Paklaring and other files related to documents, now you can only use the modified version.

6. Move Image Document to Word Document

In this CamScanner Mod apk Free License Key, you no longer use third-party sites to convert to other file extensions such as documents in Word.

You will be able to easily transfer the files you scan into Word format.

With this you will more easily be able to re-edit the document on a PC or other computer with the format you want.

7. Convert Document to Excel

For those of you who are currently doing a Scan for the Work Curiculum Vitae (CV), then before you send it to the Directors or HRD where you work, you can edit it first via CamScanner Mod.

You no longer need to make a CV from Microsoft Excel on a computer because through this application there is already a conversion feature from Image to Excel.

8. Scan ID perfectly

This one feature is specifically for those of you who want to do an Identity Scan in the form of Passport, Family Card, KTP and other cards that have ID.

You no longer need to bother adjusting the size because there are templates available that will make it easier for you to Scan ID.

9. Create Greeting cards

Besides being able to scan several files such as Word, PDF, Excel and other documents, of course, CamScanner Premium Mod Apk can also create greeting cards such as holidays, birthdays and other important days.

For those of you who have family who are celebrating an important day, then you can use this. Because there are hundreds of templates for you to make greeting cards for your loved ones.

You don’t need to design from 0 because of the many templates available. Just change the words in it and you’ve managed to make a cool greeting card.

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