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About Capcut Pro Mod APK App

Capcut Mod APK is a video editing application owned by Bytedance which has been modified by a third party to get many new features beyond the original Capcut application.

We certainly cannot get this Modif version of the Capcut application on Google Playstore as an official application downloader because features such as Unlock All VIP Effect will allow beginners to be free to create.

Besides that, there are many more features that make it easier for users, especially features that are usually locked with VIP status are now open and can be included in your Video Editing Project.

Features of Capcut Pro Mod APK 2022

In order to provide convenience for its loyal users, the Capcut Premium Mod APK application has been equipped with various features. It is intended that users can develop ideas, talents and also so that the editing process runs quickly and easily.

Of course, some of the added components will make users curious to try again and again until finally producing video results that look real.

1. No Watermark (Watermark)

One of the main features in Capcut Pro Mod APK Pro Download 2022 is the removal of watermarks or what we usually know as watermarks.

The watermark on a product is entered as an identifier of the Capcut that we use. But if the version we use is the Pro version, of course the Watermark is removed.

We can even convert Original Capcut Watermark into our Brand or Trademark to make it more famous.

2. Lots of Fonts & Stickers

When you want to add text, you can choose your own writing style (Font) according to your taste so that the audience can see the message of the displayed text.

In addition to text, you can also add stickers to make the video you want to display looks lively.

Lots of text and stickers available on the Application in this version, will make the video more interesting and also cool.

3. Many Templates available for Free

For those of you who are new and beginners in the world of video editing, then it’s a good idea to choose one of the many available templates with various effects and musical appearances.

You will be facilitated in editing videos such as adding transitions, adding new photos, emojis, symbols, trimming videos, and also adding colors to the videos that we will make just by following the original template.

Thanks to a template, you don’t have to think about the concept of a video that will be created because each template has a different animation effect.

4. Add your Favorite music

There are lots of music to choose from with no Copyright criteria. So, for those of you who make videos for content needs such as YouTube, Tiktok and others.

As one of the most important components, music has an irreplaceable role in a video. By having a background sound, the video that is made will look very interesting.

Thus, the audience can hear, imagine, and enjoy captivating audio visuals. One more thing, if you need anti-plagiarism music, you can also download it via MP3 Juice.

5. No Ads

The next feature that makes this application much sought after is that there are no ads that appear. Although the price is free, this Capcut VIP Mod Pro APK is equipped with Ads Blocked features such as Google Chrome’s Extensions.

Thus, of course, users don’t need to be bothered anymore to close every ad when editing a video, it will automatically turn off.

6. Full Filters + Effects

There are lots of animation effects, sound and other videos that you can use as needed.

If you want sound audio like the one in FYP TikTok, then you just have to select all the filters that are open for free without being charged anything.

You can also combine the two to get satisfying and characterful results. This is so that you can make videos that are unique and different from the others.

7. High quality (HD) videos

Although it has gone through a very long editing process, but because it is equipped with advanced technology, the results are still HD.

So when the rendering process takes place, we no longer need to set it because the default application already has an Ultra HD Quality feature.

This will certainly make viewers get videos with clear, clear and pleasant images to watch.

8. Turning Content Into Anime

Be happy for those of you who are Wibu because this mod version of Capcut Pro is equipped with a photo or video converting feature into Anime.

With advanced technology, the results of your photo object images and also other people can turn into Anime Pictures.

To get maximum results according to your own wishes, you can edit slowly and painstakingly.

9. Changing the Background

One of the attractions why this application is sought after is the availability to change the background or Background.

Even users can change the background to clear with the Green Screen feature in the Capcut Mod. Later, the Green Color can be changed to the background according to our wishes.

Thus, apart from being able to take videos in public places, only with a green cloth can we continue to create video content.

10. Installation without Root

Even though it is classified as a Modification application, many of which must have permission from a third party Rooting, the Capcut Mod Apk is already available without Root.

Likewise, even if you combine Capcut with other applications, you no longer need to be bothered with having Root permission.

11. Free

Although there are various excellent features embedded, in fact we can still enjoy them for free with the download link for the Capcut Pro mod Apk that we provide at

You are no longer charged a monthly subscription fee as is often done by several other applications such as Ai Composite Video as a bridal make-up application that went viral yesterday.

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