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College Brawl Apk is a game made by INGENIUS STUDIOS with a fighting theme that is rich in Adult elements.

For this reason, we recommend that those of you who want to play this game, make sure you are over 18 years old.

In this game, we will play a male character named KEN who is very adventurous and has relationships with women in each Stage game.

During his journey, KEN encounters many obstacles and encounters strong female enemies so that he often loses and repeats from the Initial Stage.

But there is one easy way for us to fight these beautiful fighters, namely by using KI or what we know as inner strength.

Maybe those of you who are fans of the Dragon Ball series already know what is KI? Correct! Ki is the energy in a person’s body which in this case is the main character of College Brawl named KEN.

In order to get a lot of KI, we have to get in touch with the losing women so that the KI parameters will go up and even be fully filled.

Apart from that, at each stage we are only limited to a few dozen times to fill up our HP so that defeat might occur.

The only way for you to win easily is to use the Game College Brawl Apk Mod Version Unlimited KI & Unlimited HP.


1. No Ads

Even though the intensity of the Ads in this one game is not as much as in other Offline games, we cannot predict their appearance.

In fact, sometimes this advertisement appears in the middle of the game, so it is very annoying.

But you need to know that College Brawl Mod Apk No Ads (No Ads) that you will play this time is available without ads. This means that all potentially annoying ad units will be removed automatically.

2. Unlimited Health (HP).

One of the drawbacks why people are more interested in using College Brawl Mod Unlimited HP is that players cannot die.

This is because there are so many HP (Health Point) parameters that no amount of damage caused by the enemy will be felt.

3. Unlimited KI Energy

What does thick Blood mean but we still lack KI power? KI Is a special energy that is owned by the Main Character where if it is hit by an ordinary enemy, it will die immediately.

Generally, to increase KI, we have to do a move that only adults do to a dying enemy by pressing H Scene.

When finished, KI will increase automatically and when used it will certainly decrease.

However, because what you are using is College Brawl Mod Unlimited KI, the KI you are using will not run out or will not decrease. With this, you will finish off strong enemies faster.

4. Easy control

College Brawl is an 18 Plus offline fighting game that is very easy to play. This can be seen from the display of neatly arranged buttons.

We are sure that you will be able to immediately understand all the functions of the existing navigation buttons.

  • Punch = hit
  • KI = Unleash special abilities
  • Jump = Jump
  • Heal = Fill Blood
  • H Scene = Charge Ki
  • Point = Total Points collected

5. Unlocked all Stages

After we have succeeded in defeating the last enemy at the Final Stage, of course we will qualify and have the right to advance to the next Stage.

There are 5 total stages in this game where each stage has a different level of difficulty.

But with College Brawl Mod Apk Unlock All Level Stage, you don’t have to struggle against enemies because from the start all locked stages will be open.

With this you can choose which stage you want to play on because at the end of the stage Boss Cantik will surrender herself to the main character.

6. Uncensored

Maybe you will see in detail when using the H Scene scene with women, there are objects that are censored, right? Objects that should make you addicted to continue playing this game, of course.

But it’s different from College Brawl Mod Apk No Sensor (Uncensored) which allows you to see all the existing scenes clearly.

7. Unlock All Extras

The extra itself contains fragments of animations and images from the stages that are passed, especially interesting stages.

But this time, you will be able to immediately choose your favorite scene in this extra without having to play the game first.