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Free Diamond FF Review

Mimin will give a little explanation about this 10000 free diamond ff which is obtained without having to use a 3rd party application, it is true that here what you will use is the 10000 diamond free fire script, using this ff script is much easier and easier to use and automatically diamonds go directly into your free fire game.

Because this diamond ff script is not a cheat, and also an online generator, but uses a diamond code that will be installed on your free frie data, so that later diamonds will automatically be able to enter directly, this is indeed very similar to a cheat but not just a cheat. script or code only.

Many people want Diamond FF Free 10000 Apk without an application because it is much more effective and doesn’t make it difficult to use the application, just activate the ff script code so you can get diamonds right away, now for those who want to know how to get 10000 free diamonds ff , please follow the following below.
Download Script Diamond FF Free 10000 Apk Original 2021 Without Application

If you are really interested in using the ff diamond 10000 apk script without using an application or website, the admin has provided the link below, so all you have to do is download it and you will get a script or code that you have to install, the installation method is quite easy and simple.

For those who don’t know how to install the free 10000 ff diamond script, you can also follow the instructions on how to install this free diamond ff script code, now since the script is limited and doesn’t work anymore, I will replace it with a 98000 diamond ff script to replace it. You can get the download link directly via the link below.

Diamond FF 98000 Script Free

Please be able to directly download this diamond ff script so you can get free diamonds, and for those who don’t know how to install the diamond script, you can see it in full below.
How to Use Diamond FF Free Script

Make sure for the installation method, you have to follow as much detail as possible, as the admin has given, with the aim that you can successfully install the diamond script and get 98,000 free diamonds, you can immediately see the story below.

  • The first step, please download the script diamond ff 98000 via the link above
  • Then don’t forget to download ZArchiver on the play store then please open it
  • After that, all you have to do is extract the file, click extract here, the 98000 diamond file that you just downloaded
  • When the extract is complete, you can get the diamond ff script file
  • After that, all you have to do is move the file and then enter the Android section => Data => com.dts.freefireth => file => contencache => compulsory => Android and paste or paste
  • Now, if the diamond script has been installed, you should be able to directly open your ff account and enter the in-game section or message
  • If there is a diamond that you can get, just claim it then you can get diamonds
  • Finished

How is it very easy and simple, not for Diamond FF Free 10000 Without this 2021 Application, please the way is very easy, just follow the steps above, then you can get free diamonds.

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