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Update Agustus 2022
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FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is a modified application made by a third party that has advanced (premium) features that you can get.

FM WA APK Mod aims to provide convenience to users of this application so that they can freely chat or something else.

In the FM WA application there are also premium features that you can use, interestingly the features in this application are certainly not in the original (original) version of the application.

The application also has a file size that is arguably very low, only 51MB, so you can use it on Android phones with lower middle specifications.

As we already know that every application made by a third party is strictly prohibited. So we suggest that those of you who use third-party applications should be even more careful in their use.

If you are interested in the latest version of the FM WA APK application on this one, please download it here to be able to enjoy the features in the application.

Latest FM WhatsApp Features

Like what we explained above that the FM WA Mod APK has lots of sophisticated and interesting features that you can get in the FM WhatsApp application.

Then what are the features of FM Whatsapp? You can see the full features of the FM Whatsapp application below.

1. App Lock

The first feature that FM WhatsApp has is that there is an application lock feature. This one feature is very different from the original WA version for locking applications except the Smartphone you use can lock applications without using the FMWA application.

By using one application, besides being able to lock the application, you can also lock private chats. So you don’t have to worry about people who like to open your private messages.

How to lock applications and messages is very easy, because you only need to open WhatsApp FM settings and immediately choose a password. You can also set a password or password as you like either by using a pin or fingerprint.

2. Chat Without Save Number

The second feature found on FM WhatsApp is that you can send messages without having to save the number first.

By using this FM WhatsApp application you can send messages, voice messages, make calls, video calls and others without saving a phone number. Very Interesting Isn’t it?

3. Hide Typing Status

The third feature that you can get in FM WhatsApp is that you can hide typing status. Of course, you can’t use this one feature in the original or original version.

As we know that in the original version of the WA application, when we are replying to a message, there will be a typing screen.

4. Choice of Fonts/Letters

In addition to having the three features above, this application also has a font changing feature that you can use in FM WhatsApp.

With this feature, it is certainly very helpful for those of you who feel bored with the same font, because in this application you can change the font.

5. New Emoticons Available

The next feature that you can get using the latest FMWA APK is the latest Emoticons which are different and of course very funny and interesting.

So for those of you who feel bored with the same emoticons, then you can use the FM WhatsApp application.

6. Download Friend Status

The sixth feature that FM Whatsapp has is that you can download starus made by our friends.

By using the FM WA Apk application you can download and save cool and interesting statuses from your friends.

7. Anti Delete Messages & Status

Maybe some of you have experienced this when a friend sent a message and then the message was deleted, with the words “this message has been deleted”.

But if you use the FM WhatsApp application you can see the contents of messages that have been deleted by your friends so you will be curious about the side of the message that has been deleted.

In addition, you can also keep the status for 24 hours even if the person who sent the status has deleted it.

8. New Look Upgrade

Bored with the look of the WhatsApp application that is just like that. The latest FMWA pro apk can be an alternative to get rid of boredom with a non-monotonous display.

The reason is that in the latest version this time, the developer has presented the latest display or theme that can be used for free.

In addition, users can also choose the type of theme they want to use according to their respective finishes.

How to Install FM WhatsApp Apk on Android and iOS

Actually, how to install FM WhatsApp Mod Apk is arguably very easy and fast, because installing this application only activates unknown sources on your cellphone.

If you are still confused about how to install this application, please follow the steps below properly and correctly.

  • The first step, please download the apk file that we have provided above.
  • If so, please open the settings on your respective cellphone.
  • Next you select additional settings, then please you can re-select “security and privacy” and you activate “Unknown Sources”.
  • If you have, then you open the “File Manager” which is in each cell phone.
  • Please look for the application file that you downloaded earlier.
  • Then please click the application, then you Install.
  • Wait until the process is completely finished.
  • Finished.

After you install the FMWA APK Mod application by following the steps we have provided earlier, please you can directly use the application to communicate with friends and family.