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Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp which is managed by a reliable modder named Fouad Mokdad is indeed very popular, because the application has added advanced features and premium features for free.

Chat activity will be much interesting because it is assisted by a choice of advanced features. Interestingly, you can’t enjoy every premium feature of the WA Mod in the official version.

Almost every wa mod apk has the same additional premium features, but it doesn’t have the original WhatsApp which is managed by the Facebook company.

The wa mod application managed by modder Fouad Mokdad is reliable, especially for official wa users who want to be able to enjoy premium features without buying a license.

If there are official wa users who want to try the wa mod application of the Fouad WhatsApp Apk variant, please download the file which is only 45MB in size via this review link.

WhatsApp Fouad Features

Even though it has a fairly light size, we hope users don’t underestimate the features available in it. Because, the features of the Fouad WhatsApp Apk are more than the features of the original WA.

If you are curious about its features, you can see the list of premium features below.

1. Free Send File

One of the features that benefit every Fouad WhatsApp user is that it is free from small, medium to large size files.

If you want to send a photo/video file via the official WA, you have to pay attention to the size of the file that will be sent.

Because, the official whatsapp has set a file sending limit of 16MB no more. It’s different when using the WA Mod Apk, you can freely send files, even though the file size is fairly large.

Although the file that will be sent via WA messages is almost 1 GB, you can send the file without hesitation if you use the Fouad WhatsApp Mod Apk variant.

2. Various Free Themes

If you are still using the official WhatsApp, only 2 types of themes can be used, including the dark theme and the regular theme. That’s why some ordinary wa users are bored, and ask for additional interesting themes.

If you are asking for additional cool & attractive themes for the whatsapp application, the fouad whatsapp application is the right answer. Because this WA mod variant provides a variety of free themes.

In fact, the themes given by the Fouad WhatsApp manager are always increasing, when they update the latest version. All themes can be used without purchasing it first.

3. Hide View Status

WhatsApp application is not only used to send text messages, photos or videos. You can also upload statuses or just view other people’s stories.

If you see one of the other people’s wa stories, your wa account will be listed as the person who saw their status. But it’s different if you use the Fouad WhatsApp mod apk variant.

Your wa account will not be visible, even though you have seen other people’s status/story. This one feature is quite useful, especially if you like to peek at people’s stories but don’t want to be called stupid.

4. Read Deleted Messages

The use of fouad whatsapp mod apk is much more profitable than the use of official whatsapp. The advantage that users will get is that they can read a message that has been deleted / has been withdrawn by the owner of the message.

5. App Lock

Important conversations that you do with friends, wife or certain people can be maintained. This is because, fouad wa apk has advanced features, namely the App Lock feature or application lock.

Even though the Android HP device you have is often borrowed by people, they will not be able to open the Fouad wa apk application that you have. Because the application has been given a password.

6. Long Story/WA Status Duration

Usually when uploading a photo or video on the official WhatsApp story, you can only upload a medium-sized video. Even then, the duration of the show is very short, about 30 seconds.

It’s a different story if you use the Fouad WhatsApp variant from modder Fouad Mokdad. Users can upload video statuses in their applications with a much longer duration.

How to Install Fouad WhatsApp on Android & iOS

Because Fouad WhatsApp MOD is not provided by the Play Store & App Store. So it can be concluded, fouad wa is an illegal application which is certainly quite risky to use.

In addition, the method of installing applications into Android and iOS devices is slightly different, when compared to the process of installing applications from the Play Store.

So that you can easily do the wa mod apk installation process, please just follow each of the steps provided below:

Make sure you have downloaded Fouad WhatsApp above.
After that, go to Settings or HP Settings.
Select Additional Settings.
Find and tap the Privacy & Security option.
Then tick the small box in the Unknown Sources option.
Move to File Manager.
Please look for the WA Mod file
Press the file then select the option to install / install.
Done and it works.

Correctly follow every step that we provide through the tutorial above, so that the process of installing the whatsapp mod apk application fouad whatsapp variant can be successfully carried out.

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