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InShot Pro App

InShot Pro Mod is the best video editing application that has various advanced features, the features of this application are all very useful in editing photo or video editing activities.

The best video editing application available on the official play store & app store, is indeed very popular with all Android and iOS iPhone users, especially those who have a hobby of editing.

Inshot pro application users are increasing every day, so it is not surprising that the number of users of this application is the most compared to other popular video editing applications.

The inshot application is indeed provided for free by the Play Store, you can directly download it without having to pay. But for those who want to get the Pro / Premium version, prepare some money so that you can download the application.

If you want to enjoy all the features in inshot premium for free without paying a penny. Please download the Inshot Pro Mod Apk that we provide, because all the premium features you can immediately enjoy for free.

When using the Inshot Pro mod apk, users can work as much as they want when making interesting videos. Because the mod version of the inshot application provides advantages in the form of free premium features.

The availability of premium features that can be used for free, the resulting video will look much better and cooler. It’s like a professional video. If you are curious about the list of premium features of the inshot mod apk, please refer to the explanation as follows.

Features of InShot Pro APK

Of course not without reason, if the inshot mod application has the most active users every day in various countries. The reason is because the inshot mod application is embedded or has a choice of free premium features.

All the free premium features provided are certainly very supportive and very useful in the video editing process, so the results will look like they were edited by professionals.

Almost all Android or iPhone users want to have HD quality and interesting videos. So the video owner will not be ashamed to share it in all their social media applications.

The premium features in the inshot mod apk and which users can enjoy for free are as follows:

1. Audio & Music Effects

If you have managed to get the modified version of the inshot pro application, the user will immediately be given various free premium features such as music and audio effects features.

The music effect feature can support the video you edit to be more interesting and cool when viewed. Please enter one type of music or audio that you think is pleasant to hear into the video that is being edited.

Interestingly, users can also import music from the internal memory/music gallery on the Android device into the best video editing application, namely inshot pro mod.

2. Animated Stickers & Emojis

The next free premium feature of the InShot Pro application is the animated emoji & sticker feature. Each animated sticker available in the application has its own advantages and uniqueness.

If users like animated cartoons, please insert animated stickers into your videos. Interestingly, the animated stickers that are selected and inserted into the video can move like living objects.

Take it easy, the animated stickers provided have various types and characters. So users will never get tired of seeing it, so try to take advantage of this free premium feature as soon as possible.

3. Video Slides

Another premium feature in the pro mod version is the video slide feature. The existence of this feature will make the video much more interesting than the original version or before it was edited.

Because, users can enter several photos / images that can be used as a video. How to make photos or images into one video is very easy, if you use the inshot pro mod application.

Inshot pro users only need to select and specify some images / photos in the gallery, then make an order to be displayed according to your wishes.

Don’t forget, so that the video slides that you make are interesting & cool, please include some interesting effects including music or audio effects and other premium effects.

4. MeMe Videos

Inshot Pro MOD is arguably suitable for everyone, including those of you whose hobbies are making meme images and cool meme videos. Please install inshot pro mod, then make cool video memes by taking advantage of the premium features provided.

The process of editing video memes using the inshot pro mod application is easier and the results are much cooler and unique. In comparison, you make it using other best video editing apps.

5. Set Video Speed

Another advantage of this video editing application is that it can create videos at a speed level that users can adjust according to their wishes & needs.

The video speed control feature can help users in the video editing process. Users can adjust the speed of the video according to the duration in the video.

In essence, this feature can provide video results in accordance with the expected speed. If you want to get slow or fast video results, please take advantage of the video speed control feature of the inshot mod apk.

6. No Watermark/Watermark

Generally, when you edit a video using the best video editing application, the final processing is still the result of the video there will be a watermark icon/logo from the application you are using.

But it’s a different story if you use the inshot mod apk, the video editing results will not carry a water logo or watermark. Because, the best video editing application, InShot, is equipped with the No Watermark feature.

But users need to know, the no watermark feature is only embedded in the premium version. If you use the free version, don’t be surprised if the resulting video still carries the water logo or watermark.

How to Install InShot Pro Mod APK Application

How to install the inshot pro mod application can be done manually, but the method is slightly different from the application installation process in general.

Because you can install applications from the Play Store and App Store automatically, it’s different if the application is a modified version.

For this reason, we will provide the steps for installing the inshot pro mod application on android devices below:

  1. Find the download link inshot pro mod apk above, so you can immediately do the download process.
  2. If you have found the link, you have got the inshot pro application. Now you can do the installation process.
  3. Before that, go to Settings on your android device.
  4. Enter or press the Security menu.
  5. Then find and allow the Unknown Sources option.
  6. After that, please move and enter in the File Manager.
  7. Select the Download / Download menu then look for the Inshot Pro File that you downloaded earlier.
  8. Select Install/Install followed by Enter/OK.
  9. The installation process takes a few minutes, wait for it to work.
  10. If the installation is complete, now tap the InShot pro application and start working on producing quality videos.
  11. Good luck.

The presence of the best video editing application, namely inshot pro mod, so that the video editing process is much more practical & easy because there is no need to go through a PC/Laptop device.

Users only need a sophisticated smartphone device such as Android & iOS, so video editing activities can be done anywhere and anytime without any hassle.

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