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About of Psiphon Pro Mod

Unfortunately, even though the name is Psiphon Pro, to enjoy all the Professional features in it is not free because we have to pay a subscription every month.

However, with the development of an increasingly advanced era, developers are now competing to make a Modified version of this VPN application and have succeeded in making the Psiphon Pro Mod APK.
Psiphon Pro Mod is a Psiphon Application that has been modified by a third party to make all the Premium features freely available without paying (Free) by the user. Including to download all Videos on locked sites like Vidmate APK.

Feature Of Psiphon Pro

Some of the excellent features that you can find in Psiphon Pro Mod Apk 2022 you can see in full below.

1. Unlimited Speed

The first excellent feature that is present in Psiphon Pro Mod Unlimited Speed.

So when opening a video site that in fact must require a strong and stable connection network, it can be watched without buffering.

So the unlimited internet speed on this old version of Psiphon pro mod Apk will make Internet activities and watching live streaming videos much more enjoyable.

2. No Registration

Most applications or software out there require users to create an account by registering data such as email, cellphone number and verifying.
However, it is different when you use this Psiphon pro Mod because it can be used immediately after the application is installed.

3. Statistical Data

You will get a statistical data report on the internet speed that is currently connected, starting from the speed received to the speed sent.
It should be underlined that if you want to get unlimited speed, then you must be in an area with a supported internet signal as well.

4. Choose Your Own Server Region

So that Psiphon Pro can support Unlimited Speed, users can also choose their own server area.
You can choose an area that has the fastest internet access, such as in Japan, Singapore and also other neighboring countries not far from Indonesia.

5. Proxy Settings for Free Internet

If you have a proxy with high network speed quality, then there is nothing wrong if you set it up in Psiphon pro proxy settings.
Even more great, users can do free Internet without internet quota if you can set this proxy.

6. Switching installed applications

In order not to interfere with other applications and keep each application installed on this Android from changing IP Locations, there is a feature that can switch the application.
We can set which applications are installed on the cellphone to participate in the network being changed when connected or not.

7. Disable Time Out

The next feature that you can use is to limit when the speed slows down, the application will automatically stop.
This feature is used so that the cellphone you are using does not heat up quickly and is always in excellent performance.

8. Analysis

You can analyze your own speed, IP switching status, to which port HTTP changes to other detailed statuses through this Features Tab.

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