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Whats Sigma battle Royale Mod?

For those who don’t know, Sigma is a game made by the famous DAEMON developer with the Battle Royale genre.

This game actually existed on the Playstore and even though it is still in the Beta Program, there are quite a lot of users from Sigma both on Indonesian servers and abroad.

But for some reason at this time, this Sigma Game is no longer visible in the official application made by Google.

So, for those of you who are still looking for Sigma Apk Download, you can get it in this announcement.


Sigma Early Access Apk Starting with the game, we have to log in using a Gmail account, a social network account like Facebook or you can even log in as a Guest (Guest).

If so, now is the time for you to determine the name for your account and also the character. If so, now is the time for you to start the game.

In the Sigma game, players will be parachuted from an airplane to a remote island and survive to become Number 1 by eliminating 50 other players.

When we are able to be the first or become the winner, we will get “VIVA” in the game. Therefore, the scent of competition in a game that is said to be similar to Free Fire is very thick.

But unfortunately for the original Sigma Apk game there are still ads and there are also some drawbacks in it so we need another version of the Sigma Game, namely the Mod version with a myriad of features, of course.


1. Unlimited Money

One of the main features that is also the main attraction of the Sigma Game is unlimited money, such as yellow coins and diamonds.

With this money, you can buy equipment such as clothing skins, characters, weapons and upgrade those needs.

Even more amazing, this one Sigma Mod Apk Unlimited Money (Unlimited Money) is available for free, aka Free.

2. Small File Size

One of the other advantages why the Sigma Apk is so much sought after is because of its small file size so that it can be used on many devices.

In fact, it’s enough with a smartphone device with a storage capacity of 2GB of RAM to be able to play it.

So for those of you who currently have a cellphone with potato specifications, then don’t worry because you can still play the Sigma Game.

3. Unlock All Characters

At the beginning of the game, maybe you will choose one of the 2 existing characters, such as the characters Ein and Rei.

However, because what you are using is Sigma Mod Apk Unlock All Characters, all other premium characters will be unlocked.

4. Ads Removal

Optimization is also carried out on the advertisements in this game, especially the advertisements that appear often disturbing.

In Game Sigma Mod Apk No Ads, games are also available with no ads so we can freely play without worrying about adverts appearing suddenly.

5. Control Easy to use

One of the advantages of this game is that all the buttons and navigation have been simplified following Battle Royale games in general, so those of you who previously played the Old Version Sigma Apk Mod game can play in this version without difficulty.

You can easily operate and control characters such as directing aim, adjusting the interface and making the game easier.

6. Unlock All Skins

One of the advantages of using Sigma Mod Apk Unlock All Skin is that you no longer need to top up to buy skins for the characters you have.

You also don’t need to take part in events with premium and rare skin prizes because everything is available and ready to be used for free.

7. Unlock All Weapons

One of the reasons why the use of this game no longer requires the main resource because it already contains complete items such as weapons.

We no longer need to upgrade weapons in the Laboratory because they are automatically available immediately.