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About Stickman

Stickman Party Mod APK 2022 is a game made by PlayMax Game Studio that has been modified by a third party with various additional interesting features such as unlimited money, gems and many others.
The gameplay presented in this repairman has 40 other different games in it which are very exciting for 4 of your friends to play.
You will compete with each other to win each game in several modes such as adventure mode, Quick Mode and also Tournament.
The maximum number of players who can play in the Stickman Party 1234 mod apk game is 4 people. You can set or Custom the game you want to play, the Character Color or Border of each player, vehicles, tanks, hats, and also Effects by buying them using Coins.
Just like other games, unfortunately some of the equipment that has an attractive, cool and unique appearance can only be purchased with coins that are not small or expensive.
So that we can buy all the equipment to edit the character’s Border paint, tanks, cars, hats, and other effects, we can use the Stickman Party Mod APK for Unlimited Money and Gems Latest 2022.


In addition to the features we mentioned earlier, of course, there are many excellent features in this Stickman Party Mod.
Well, if you are curious to know the full features, please see the following information.

1. Unlimited Money

One of the excellent features that is the prima donna of why players prefer Stickman Party Mod Version over the Original APK version is the embedded Unlimited Money Feature or in Indonesian it is Unlimited Money.
Thanks to this feature, we can buy everything we need to edit Characters, Buy Car Types, Hats, Character Effects to Character Paint colors without worrying about the coins running out.
You no longer need to play constantly to collect lots of coins so you can buy and upgrade the equipment we mentioned earlier.
True, in Stickman Party APK Coins as the main means of payment are usually obtained from winning positions 1 to 3. Because what you are using this time is the Mod version, of course you will get money that never runs out.

2. Available 40 Diverse Games

The total number of games in this game is 40 Games including ghost attack, Stickman Run, Battle Tank, RAS, Football, Sea War, Pong, Change color, hen, bitcoin and various other games.
Maybe many people think that this one game will be easy to play. In fact, there are 40 games that we guarantee you’ve never played that are ready to challenge you.
Each game on Stickman Party is different, as well as the amount of prizes. So, one of the advantages for those of you who play this game for a long time is because you already know the gameplay of each mini game, so the chance to get a bigger prize.

3. Multiplayer (Maximum 4 People)

You can play this game in multiplayer. In other words, you can play with more than 1 person, 2 people, 3 people up to a maximum of 4 players.
You can play together (Mabar) Stickman Mod Apk with various Challenge bets such as those who lose in the face by crossing out flour and other fun.
The concept is fairly the same, when setting the number of players who will play we have the right to choose and regulate how many players are playing and their colors.
One of the reasons why we recommend it is that you can join the Stickman Party game community on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms so that you can make friends and play together.

4. Available Offline and Online

If you are not connected to the internet for several reasons such as no internet connection, no WiFi network or even during the rainy season so that you are afraid of damage to the cellphone signal, then you will still be able to play this game without the need to connect to the internet network.
So to fill your boredom playing this one game is the right way.

5. Anti Banned

Many say that playing the Rombakan game will make your phone or account insecure.
In fact, that statement is wrong. Because in some communities there are no complaints of security problems.
In fact, we highly recommend this version of the game because apart from being pocket-friendly, it’s also Anti Banned.

6. Regular Updates

One of the reasons why the developer of this game deserves appreciation is that he is always active in updating Game files so that the features are not stuck at this moment, which we just share.
You can check this article regularly because we will also always update according to updates from the developer.

7. Storage is in the Cloud

When you close the game or uninstall the application, usually when you reinstall the game it will start again from the beginning.
However, it is different with Stickman Party unlimited Money, which has been integrated with the Cloud so that when the application is deleted, the progress of the game will not be disturbed.
You can prove this in the folder in the phone’s file manager in the Android folder you will find the Stickman master file

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