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The presence of Cheats in the Free Fire Game has become a common thing. This is because the existence of games made by Garena still dominates the most popular game charts in the Battle Royale category.
Previously we have known some Cheats such as Hacker Dark VIP APK, Arabs Hacker and also VIP Mod Menu FF.
VIP Nobita FF is a free fire game cheat application made by Youtuber Nobita which works like Injector FF that we shared earlier.

Many additional features that can allow users to do Auto Headshot, Wallhack and other Hacks. Some of these features, of course, you can’t get in the original application.
Well, if you are interested in downloading VIP Nobita FF for free, you can preview all the features in a moment.

Featured VIP Nobita FF

In addition to what we mentioned earlier, there are many features embedded in this VIP Nobita FF APK Mod.
For those of you who can’t wait, please see complete information about the features of the Nobita FF VIP Auto Headshot Injector below.

1. Additional Hacks & Wallhacks
This feature allows users to see distant enemies. In fact, enemies that are blocked by buildings, rocks and also buildings can be seen very clearly.
You can choose the appearance of this feature according to your taste, some of which display Antennas, Lines on the body (ESP hack), to Enemies with Colors.

2. Unlock Pets
Some pets that were previously locked have also been instantly unlocked and can be used for free.
That is, with this feature you no longer need to spend money for Top diamonds and buy Pets because they are available for free.
Several pets ranging from penguins, Dogs, Pandas, Falcos and other legendary Pets to help you in the Battlefield.

3. Unlock Skin
You can find several skins with the FF Skin Tool in the VIP Nobita Free Fire Mod Apk.
You can use Weapon Skins, Clothing Skins, and also Pet Skins and take them to battle to beautify the appearance of the character.

4. Speed ​​Up Character Path
see a distant enemy? Don’t worry because you will easily catch up with this feature.
In fact, when avoiding dangerous zones such as the Red Zone and also UAV FF you will be able to run fast.

5. No Ads
You can use the Nobita FF Mod Menu VIP cheat very easily without annoying ads.
Surely in opening and closing this menu, users will feel comfortable because there are no ad breaks that appear to close the content.

6. Unlock Hat
In addition to unlocking all Skins and pets, the user can also use all existing Hats.
The headgear found in some of the more expensive special Bundles will work.

7. Maximum Map Illumination
For those of you who play the Free fire game but experience problems such as on a dark map, don’t worry because this feature is able to brighten the situation on the surrounding map.
Some maps that support these features include Purgatory, Bermuda, and other maps.

8. Game Sync
Even though it uses a tool, each of its features will be used in the future.
That means, all game progress will still be recorded by Garena. With this we no longer need to hesitate to use it.

9. No Kill Cooldown
When eliminating, there will be a short pause to reload or there is a scene where the enemy turns into a chest.
However, if this feature is activated, then you will not find the time lag so you will quickly wipe out and get closer to victory.

10. Menu Display
The features in this cheat appear in a menu that can be activated with the arrow only or directly open it to activate it.
This greatly facilitates the user rather than having to use a troublesome hot key.

11. No Registration
This application can be used directly without requiring Verification and Data Registration from the user.
This will make users feel comfortable because there is no need to prepare the required data.

12. Auto Headshot
One of the main reasons why many users want to download the Nobita FF mod Apk is that it is supported by the Auto Headshot feature.
This feature is able to defeat opponents very quickly and easily without the need to set FF Sensitivity.

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