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Youtube Vanced Reborn

YouTube Vanced Apk is an application in which it provides various kinds of videos such as the original version of the YouTube application.

One of the things that distinguishes YouTube Vanced from the original version is the features in it.

On YouTube Vanced has various supporting features that will spoil you when you watch videos using this application.

By using this one application, you will not be disturbed anymore by ads that suddenly appear when you are watching a video.

This is because the developer of the YT Vanced application has blocked all ads that will appear on this application.

This feature is what makes this application widely used, in addition to these features, of course, there are many other supporting features that you can use for free.

For that, if you want to download the latest version of YouTube Vanced apk 2022 without ads and no 404 error, please read this review to the end.

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In addition to the features we have mentioned earlier, YouTube Vanced APK actually has various other interesting features that will certainly spoil its users.

To find out the various features embedded in the YouTube Vanced application, please refer to the reviews that we have provided below.

1. Dark Mode

The first feature that you can get from this application is the Dark Mode feature where later you can activate the feature for free.

By activating this feature, the entire appearance of the YouTube Vanced Apk on your cellphone will be dark so it will look cooler.

2. No Ads (Ads)

Furthermore, in this YT Vanced application, you will also not be disturbed by ads that will suddenly appear while you are watching videos.

This is because the developer has removed all existing ads, you can activate the No Ads feature so that there are no ads.

3. Save Videos Offline

By using the youtube vanced apk you can also download the videos you want so you can watch them for later.

This will certainly be very useful because when you don’t have a quota, you can watch videos offline.

4. No Root

The next feature that you will get from the YouTube Vanced Apk application is No Root so you can use the application easily.

5. Picture in Picture/PiP

Furthermore, the youtube vanced apk already provides the Picture in Picture or PiP feature which will be very useful, maybe you are a little confused with this one feature.

The PiP feature is a feature that allows you to still play videos even if you are opening other applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and others.

Even if you turn off your phone, as long as you don’t pause the video you are playing, the video will still run.

6. Can Support Parallel

Then this one application also supports Parallel, meaning that you can still use the original YouTube version when you use this YouTube Vanced Apk.

That way, you can use two YouTube apps on one device, so you can easily find the videos you want to watch.

7. Auto Repeat feature

Furthermore, you can watch videos repeatedly without the need to press the play button because this application has an Auto Repeat feature.

That way you don’t have to bother when you want to watch the same video repeatedly because it has been helped by this one feature.

8. HDR/Forced HDR Mode

The last feature on the YouTube Vanced Apk is the availability of HDR mode, this one feature is useful for making the videos you watch clearer.

This is certainly very helpful because you will be more comfortable when you are watching videos using this one application.

In addition to the features we mentioned above, there are many other features that you can get in the application for free.