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YoWhatsApp is a modified version of the WhatsApp application that is quite attractive to Android and iOS users. The party who developed the yowa application has provided a series of interesting & advanced features.

Moreover, some of the features embedded in the Yowa application are not necessarily found in the original WhatsApp. This is one of the reasons why many wa users are interested in yo whatsapp.

Even though the yowhatsapp pro apk is in the illegal application category and is not provided by the Play store. Still, the download link for the yowa apk is always being hunted by official wa users, because there are more and more fans of the whatsapp mod apk version.

YoWhatsApp apk was originally developed by the developer Yousef Ak Basha, but in the middle Yousef Ak Basha stopped its development and was taken over by developer Fouad Mokdad.

As we said at the beginning of the review, fans of the wa mod application are always increasing every day. That’s all because all whatsapp mods provide more features including in yowa apk.

Of course the features added by modders such as fouad mokdad into the yowa apk will not be available for official wa. If you want to know the difference in features from YoWhatsApp with normal wa, please refer to the information as follows.

YoWhatsApp Apk Features

From the past until now, the WhatsApp application rarely updates its features. So, the features embedded in the official WhatsApp are just that.

So it’s not surprising, most ordinary wa users often complain & ask for additional features. Now for wa users who demand additional features, you should try using the WhatsApp mod apk, namely the YoWhatsApp Apk.

Because, yowa apk has all the features you want, from the theme features, more stickers & emojis and other interesting features. To find out the rest of the features, please see the list below:

1. Diverse Themes

The main feature and a superior feature of each wa mod apk is the availability of various choices of cute and cool themes. Embedded with the theme feature, users can change the theme in Yowa apk at will.

To use/apply the theme, users do not need to pay because Fouad Mokdad provides it for free. That way, users will never get bored using YoWhatsApp apk.

2. Anti Delete Messages

Maybe official WhatsApp users won’t be able to read deleted text/photo messages before you open them.

However, it’s different if you use one of the wa mods, namely YoWhatsApp apk, you can easily read every message that has been deleted/retracted before you open it.

3. Anti Delete WA Story

The function of this one feature is not much different from the features we reviewed previously, Yowa users can see other people’s stories even though the owner has deleted it.

Of course, this one thing you will not find in the original version of the WhatsApp application.

4. More Stickers & Emoji

Not satisfied with the stickers & emojis provided by the official WhatsApp? If it’s still not enough, you should switch to using YoWhatsApp Mod Apk.

Because, Fouad Mokdad added tens to hundreds of cool & funny stickers and emojis. All stickers & emoticons available on yowa can be used without buying them first.

5. Block Phone & Video Calls

The next excellent feature of the YoWhatsapp application is the feature to block phone and video calls. This one feature includes advanced features that you can only find in whatsapp mod apk.

Because the official whatsapp application will never provide this one feature, the main function of its feature is that it can block all types of calls from the wa contact you choose.

6. YoWA Airplane Mode

In the YoWhatsapp application, it has a special feature in the form of airplane mode, which means that you can turn off internet data for the yowa application.

The airplane mode feature is only for the application, so when the feature is activated, the internet data that is dismissed is only for Yo WhatsApp, not for the entire application on your cellphone.

7. App Lock

Furthermore, there is an application lock feature or app lock, so the YoWhatsApp application that you have can be given a password.

This feature is very helpful for users, especially if your Android/iOS device is often borrowed by friends or partners. All data in YoWA will not be known, if you activate the app lock feature.

8. Can Send Large Files

Furthermore, there is a feature that is capable of sending large files. This one feature can certainly help with work or college/school assignments, because in the past I thought I could only send large files via email.

But now, you only need to download the yowa apk, if you want to send large photo and video files in one WA message.

9. Longer WA Stories

Another advantage of YoWhatsApp is that it can upload long stories. If in the regular whatsapp application, the duration given for each photo & video story is only 30 seconds, but for the yowa apk the duration of the story is much longer, namely 5 minutes.

Those are some of the excellent features that the Yo WhatsApp MOD application has, if you want to know more, you can directly download the latest version of YoWa Apk MOD 2021.

YoWhatsApp by Sam Mods