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There are several types of the best FF Sultan Account hack applications for Android HP users that you can try below. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and for more details let’s discuss one by one.

1. Dark VIP by Config Gaming

No need to bother anymore to understand programming codes that take a long time. Just use an application called Dark VIP by Config Gaming. You can already hack the account in an easy way.

This cool application can be useful for those of you who want to hack someone else’s ff account quickly. No need for fancy conditions. You only need a Facebook account and the name of the Free fire account, so you can access other people’s ff accounts.

Dark VIP by Config Gaming can be the best hack application that you can try, especially if you are a beginner.

To get this APK file you can search for yourself through the Google search engine because the links are already scattered everywhere.

Just make sure that the apk file you get is not corrupt and can work well.

2. FF Account Hack APK

FF Account Hack APK is the best application that you can try to get a free fire sultan account easily. From the name of the application, it certainly describes the real function of this application.

No need to bother anymore to guess someone else’s account password. Just leave it to the application called this FF Account Hack APK. So that this application will give you a good ff account and you just need to run this apk through your cellphone.

The way the application works called APK hack this ff account is by using the method of copying the FF ID from an internet link.

The names of the free fire IDs that have been spread to various social media to other websites can be found easily.

And if you have found the target of the ff sultan’s account, then just enter the name into the application called this FF Account Hack APK.

However, there are times when this method still doesn’t work because in addition to the victim’s ff account name, you also need an email address.

So if you only know the name of the ff sultan’s account without knowing the email address that is connected to the account, you still have low success.

3. LZ H4X Menu v2

Furthermore, there is an application called LZ H4X Menu v2 which also has a function to hack other people’s ff sultan accounts.

To be able to run the LZ H4X Menu v2 application, of course you must first install the apk to the Android cellphone that you are using now.

Well, only after that you can immediately run this FF game hack application by entering the FF ID of the victim that you targeted earlier.

This means that you need to find a valid FF ID first before you can run the LZ H4X Menu v2 application properly.

After successfully getting the target FF ID, then by relying on this hack application, you can easily access other people’s FF accounts.

4. P King APK Free Fire (FF)

As the name implies, the P King APK Free Fire (FF) application is here for those of you who want to get a lost ff account taken by other players.

P King APK Free Fire (FF) works by means of brute force or entering passwords with the origin continuously.

In order for the performance of this application to run properly, you need the target from the Facebook account ID or free fire account so that you can login access.

An application called P King APK Free Fire (FF) is able to restore your lost ff account even though the password has been changed by someone else.

So there’s no harm in trying the P King APK Free Fire (FF) application right away because it’s definitely free and very useful for restoring lost accounts.

How to install the FF Sultan apk account Hack application 2021

Well, of the four applications that we have discussed earlier, it is generally very easy for you to find the apk file through an internet search engine.

If you find it then just go ahead and install it to the Android system on the cellphone that you are using right now.

And don’t forget that because this application is an unofficial Hack type application. Then it is certain that you do not find the application on the google play store.

So that the android system can accept the apk install, then you have to change the settings in the android settings menu.

The trick is to go to the Settings menu then select security and activate the Install App from Unknown Source menu. Only then can you install and run the four ff account hack applications.