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About GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk is one of several versions of the Latest WhatsApp Mod that has been modified by third-party developers with many additional features in it.

The features that exist in WA GB 2022 cannot be found in the Original Whatsapp application that we usually download on Google Playstore. For that, you will not be able to find GB WhatsApp on the Playstore.

Atnfas Hoak as the developer of GB WA shares his work with the wider community for free and distributes it through internet pages. That way, users can experience superior features that are quite different from using the usual WhatsApp application.
Atnfas Hoak and his team have developed this application in approximately one year since the GB WA pro mod application was first released or launched. Currently, other developers also continue to make the latest updates on this application.
If you find and want to download Wa Gb without a license limit or without expiration, it means that this application has been developed by another developer who continues the previous developer.

1. Anti Banned

This one application is certainly not an official application, but unlike most other whatsapp mod apk applications. In this GB nicknamed application, it has an anti-banned (no banned) security feature so you don’t have to worry about accounts and applications being blocked when used.
However, even so, we do not guarantee its safety if you do not download the GB wa pro apk application from the website. Therefore, you are obliged to download it via the download link that we have provided in a moment.
You don’t need to worry, because we have provided GB whatsapp pro mod apk which is very safe to use (anti-ban).

2. App Updates

GB WA Apk Very well known for its application system updates that are carried out regularly. This is very rare in modified applications, with the system update you can find out that the development team working behind it are people with good abilities and skills.
The purpose of doing this Routine Update is to ensure the application is safe from viruses or malware so that the user’s smartphone device is more secure.

3. Scheduled Messages

In the candy bar era, you certainly know that there are several operators that provide a scheduled message feature or you’ve also seen some old cellphones (old school) that have a scheduled message feature. Users can set the time to send a message (sms) and when the specified time has arrived, the message (sms) will be sent automatically.
This one feature is available in the GB WA Apk application so it will make it easier for you to send messages at times that are not possible. One example is when sending a good morning message to a friend you only need to set the time in the morning and type the message you want to say, quite easy right?

4. Reading Deleted Messages

WhatsApp GB also provides a feature of pulling messages or deleting messages sent for someone. This feature is provided so that when someone makes a typo, that person can immediately delete it before it is seen by others.
By using the GB wa pro mod application you can still see the contents of the message. Actually this one feature is a feature that is quite useful, but is also considered detrimental to certain circles. But even so, this feature is one of the cool features that you should try right now.

5. Sending Messages Without a Number

Thanks to this feature, we can call someone by hiding the identity of our phone number (ID Number) when making calls with CDMA or GSM networks, but you still can’t send Private messages. Not only messages, no other short message application has similar features other than this GB version of Wa.
Very different from other applications, GB WA pro apk has the feature of sending messages without a number to hide the identity of the sender so that the recipient of the message does not know who the sender of the message is.
You can use this one feature if you really have to, for that as much as possible you use it and never use this one feature to prank other users.

6. Airplane Mode on WhatsApp

Airplane mode is usually activated through the top screen curtain settings menu on smartphone devices and applies to all types of android phones. Uniquely, the GB WA application can activate airplane mode directly in the application itself so you can still use the internet for other applications such as Youtube or browsing the internet.
so when you turn on this feature, even though the sender of the status message failed to send (Pending), we can read and see the original.
This feature that makes us feel as if we are offline was created to provide user convenience regarding privacy who do not want to be disturbed, especially when playing games that we know will make the network lag and slow.

7. Free to Choose Theme

Whatsapp has a green display at the top of the screen and white at the bottom center. The use of these colors is very simple and simple, but not everyone likes the color design because it looks very boring.
By using the GB WhatsApp application, users will be given the freedom to choose the themes available in the application. There are several themes that you can choose from and the appearance of whatsapp starting from the Chat Bar, Status and Call History will change.
Hundreds of different themes are available with different effects ranging from aesthetic effects, futuristic, black, modern and other themes.
Its function is so that users will not feel bored anymore with the same chat appearance. If you are bored with the theme you choose now, then you can immediately change to another theme.

8. Download Live Status

Usually we see our mobile phone contact friends or Whatsapp friends updating status updates such as photo status and video status. Well, if you are interested and want to have this status, then you can download it immediately.
You can view the downloads and save them directly into the Gallery or our phone’s internal storage.
This is certainly very useful to save more space on our cellphone memory. As we know if we want to download other people’s Wa status, we have to install a downloader application on the Playstore.
How to download other people’s status via GB Wa Pro Mod APK is very simple, you only need to press the download button on the menu inside the GB button.

9. Transfer Files Freely

Usually to send many videos and photos at once, it will be difficult and many obstacles are found such as Stuck, Slow and even failed to send, because the WhatsApp application applies a maximum number of images / photos once sent, which is thirty images only. If you want to send more than this limit, then you will have to resubmit the remaining photos manually.
Unlike the GB WhatsApp application, which allows you to send up to 100 photos or images at once in just one send, this will certainly make it easier for users, especially when transferring many documentation files at work.
The maximum capacity in one file that is sent is 50 MB and it is quite different from the original WhatsApp which has a maximum capacity of only one file of around 15 MB.

10. Have Many Fonts

One of the interesting things that gb wa has is that it has a lot of fonts. You can write messages with the best font styles such as bold, similar, colored and so on without having to use external fonts like the IG Font Generator.
Choose a font according to your individual taste, so that the message sent will be much more interesting and of course unique. There are approximately 500 Fonts available in the GB Wa Apk library that you can use for your needs to create status or create a beautiful appearance.

11. Can Be Used More Than 1 Account

Everyone, of course, has different needs, including the need to have a WhatsApp account such as a wa number for work and for personal use. If you want to have more than one account, using GB whtasapp pro mod apk is perfect.
Where this application can be used more than one account on one smartphone, so you no longer need to buy a new smartphone just to create a new wahtasapp account.

12. Hide Online Status

The use of GB WhatsApp will certainly spoil its users, where you can hide the status of being online. This is so that when you are active, other contacts cannot know it. This feature can be activated whenever you want.

13. Reply Messages Automatically

You can reply to messages automatically when on your way out. This one feature is very useful for those who have service businesses that have to serve criticism and suggestions from consumers, especially those who send messages when our services are closed.
Now, for more details, please see the comparison of the WhatsApp mod application with the regular version which we have summarized in full below.