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Kinemaster Pro

Kinemaster Pro is an instant video editing application built professionally, making it easy for you to create high-quality videos.

This application can be the perfect solution for those of you who want to train or learn to become a reliable video editor.

The existence of this application can support you to become a Youtuber who has character. You don’t only use Kinemaster pro on a laptop, but you can also download it via Android or iOS phones.

However, the phone used must have a minimum of 2GB of RAM, because this application has a large enough file size so it requires a large free memory.

The kinemaster pro application in fact has a variety of things ranging from paid to free. If you want to produce a really good video, make sure you use the premium version.

Kinemaster Pro APK Features

Like in video editing software on computers or laptops, the kinemaster pro application also has professional features.

The admin will mention the latest and certainly very professional features contained in this one application.

  • Merge and add multiple layers at once “can be video, sound, text and images”.
  • The mode collaboration for the transition effects is also very stunning.
  • Lots of sound effects and music available.
  • Unlimited effect templates, music and stickers.
  • Can cut video frame by frame.
  • Preview is done live.
  • There are tons of sound and audio filters.
  • Live video recording feature.
  • Has the service of keiframe animation tools such as professional video editing.
  • Has services to several social media platforms.
  • Video editing results without watermark.
  • The video speed control feature, so you can create fast motion and slow motion effects on this one application.

Actually there are many other premium features that the kinemaster pro mod apk has, please download it now.

How to Install Kinemaster Pro Apk Android and iOS

For those of you who don’t know how to install the kinemaster pro mod application on both Android and iOS smartphones, then please just follow the following tutorial.

However, for iPhone devices, it can be installed automatically.

  • Download Kinemaster Pro which we have provided above.
  • If so, open the file on the android phone you are using.
  • Please do the installation process right now.
  • If an unknown source warning appears, please activate it first.
  • After that, continue the installation process and wait for it to finish.
  • If the installation process is complete, please use it now.
  • Finished.

By following the steps above, it is certain that you have succeeded in the Kinemaster Apk application.

How to Create a New Project in Kinemaster Pro

If you choose the kinemaster pro application for video editing that you will use to create a new project.

Of course, you need to know in advance about how to use this application so that you don’t feel confused during the download process on an Android or iOS phone.

How to use the application is actually very easy, but maybe some of you still don’t know the steps.

Therefore, the admin will try to give tips on how to create a new project on Kinemaster Pro, please follow it properly and correctly.

1. Define the Video Concept

The first step that must be done to start a project using Kinemaster pro is to determine the concept of the video that you will edit later. If you have thought of the concept, then you can proceed to the second step.

2. Doing Video Capture

Of course, to make a video project, the most important thing you must have is the video itself. So after you get the concept that you will raise into a project, you also have to take photos or pictures based on the concept that you have created.

There are several techniques for taking photos or pictures that you can learn on the internet, please adjust them according to the concepts you have created.

3. Video Editing

If you have determined what kind of concept you want to use and if you have taken photos or videos, you can immediately enter the video editing stage.

At this stage you can use some of the tools in the kinemaster pro apk application. Some of them, for example, are tools to reduce sound in a video, crop images and so on.

In addition to using the tools found in the Kinemaster application, you can use the features that are already available there. Surely these features will make your videos cooler and more interesting.

Various kinds of features that you can use in the kinemaster pro application include fast motion, slow motion, color grading and many others.

4. Export Videos on Phone Gallery

After you feel that the video you have edited is sufficient, then you can explore it by clicking the share icon in the upper right corner of the window on the kinemaster application.

After that, you can choose the explore option, then you will be faced with various choices about the resolution that you will use for video editing along with the FPS that you can adjust to each video.

5. Share on Social Media

When your video has been successfully explored, you will be offered to be able to share it on your social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and so on.

It feels like a work must be shown to the public as a form of skill demonstration, maybe there are agencies that are interested and offer you a project.

Besides that, there are currently lots of communities that can accommodate your work, so there’s nothing wrong with posting your work.

Then enter the community so that later your skills or editing abilities can increase. Of course there will be lots of professional editors that you can talk to about video editing.