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About Ruok FF APK

Ruok FF is a conten creator or Thai Youtuber, which has a qualified skill in playing the Free Fire game. Ruok itself is known as King of Perfect Shoot!

So it is not surprising that many of Indonesia’s free fire players who idolize a cool excuse by Rouk itself.

However, the news circulated that Ruok FF used an auto headshot chehot named Sensibilidade FF which could direct shots automatically about his targets or term Auto Headhot.

The use of Ruok FF apk itself will certainly be very profitable for you, where you can flatten all the enemies very easily, you know!

Even so, the use of cheat ff is greatly prohibited by Serena Free Fire, since the way is illegally harming other parties.

But if you’re interested in trying to use a cehat ruok ff auto headshot, we recommend going using an free fire account. It aims to avoid the risk banned on the major accounts.

Featured Of RUOK FF APK

The Ruok FF apk application, of course, is equipped with various sophisticated features that you can enable to make it easier to get kemenangs on battle game royel Free Fiire.

Here are some of the features that the Ruok ff apk auto headshot application, please check out fine:

1. Auto Headhot

Generally to get a win or Booyah in the Free Fire game, of course you are required to have high skils on landing, fire skills shoot, the proper use of guns, choosing a safe location and so on.

But this does not apply to the use of the Ruok ff apk, where this application has been pinned together the auto headshot feature.

The feature was aka lead a shot at the target automatically, so there are no more shots strayed from the target!

2. Auto AIM

For beginners free fire players, of course, to hit the target an extremely difficult to do.

This makes survivors out a variety of alternative ways, one of which is by using the ruok ff application that has an auto AIM feature.

Auto AIM itself functions to direct shots of automatically regarding targets, so that Autoyah will.

3. Anti Lag

One of the things that makes free fire players no different from 999 + signals or experience lag at the time the game is in, so it will be very difficult for melakuakn the movement.

Don’t worry first because this one application has a feature that can help you to improve the signal, so there is no longer jariangan lag or glue.

4. Damage Plus

Interestingly, the latest version of the cheque is presented by features that can add damage. So that when the shot that are directed about the target, the enemy will automatically be eliminated.

This one feature you can activate whenever either in the lobby of free fire or in the game and of course it’s free!

5. Anti-Banned

According to the information we get, the ruok app has been pinned antiskinned features and not detected by the system has Serena Free Fire, sehinggga penggunaanya would have been really safe.

But even so, the use of the app certainly has a risk of just another if it is used in each game.

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