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WhatsApp Aero

Whatsapp aero is a variant of the whatsapp application that has been modified by a modder from Turkey named Bozkurt Hazarr.

There are many advanced features that you don’t necessarily find in the regular WhatsApp application. This is one of the reasons why the whastapp mod apk is preferred, because there is a wide selection of advanced features that can be directly used for free.

You need to know, the WhatsApp Aero application has two versions that you can use. The second variant of this application is whatsapp aero lite, the file size of the lite version is very light.

Although the size is much lighter compared to the aero mod, the features are not much different.

Latest WhatsApp Aero Features

If there are readers who can’t wait to find out all the features of the wa aero apk, then immediately take a good look at the full information about the features of the wa mod application in this review.

The first thing you need to pay attention to when you want to try an application is to know its feature set.

As is well known, the whatsapp mod apk application always embeds various advanced features in its variants. Including in whatsapp aero, the modder has provided a collection of advanced features including:

1. Remove the Two Blue Checklists

If you don’t want to be known when you have opened the contents of a received message, maybe the wa aero application feature can help with that. Because, when this feature is activated, users can remove the blue ticks easily.

The way to activate the feature to remove the two checklists in the wa aero mod apk application is not complicated, please just follow the steps as follows:

  • Run the WA Aero Mod Apk application that you have.
  • Go to the Settings menu available in the application.
  • Press the Dot/Three Lines icon which is located at the top of the wa mod application screen.
  • After that, you can enter the Aero Apk Settings menu.
  • Then hit the Security & Privacy option.
  • Please scroll until you see the Chat option and select Contacts.
  • Give a tick or check the option Hide Tick Second.
  • Finally press OK.
  • Good luck.

2. Eliminate Online Status

Not a few WhatsApp users want to be able to get rid of online settings when using the application. If you are one of them, please take advantage of the feature to remove online status.

How to remove the online status in the wa aero application is very easy, just activate the feature. That way, the online status will not appear even if you are online.

So that you can successfully activate this feature without any hassle, just follow the short tutorial below:

  • Run the WA Aero Apk application installed on each cell phone.
  • Enter the Aero Privileges menu then press the three dots/lines icon.
  • The location of the icon above, precisely in the right corner of the application screen.
  • Please enter the Aero Settings.
  • You can see the options in the Aero Settings menu, please press the Privacy & Security option.
  • Then just activate the Hide Last Seed Toggle option.
  • That way, now the user’s online status has been removed.
  • Done and good luck.

3. Block Normal Calls or Video Calls

The blocking phone & video call feature is an advantage of the whatsapp mod apk, you can activate it when you don’t want to receive or answer phone calls from someone.

How to activate the feature is not as difficult as you think, but still many users can’t activate it. Therefore, we have prepared the following steps:

  • Tap the WA Aero application to open it.
  • Then press the line icon / three dots in the upper corner.
  • Select the Settings menu.
  • You can see some of the options provided, please select Privacy & Security.
  • Then select the Who Can Call Me option.
  • There are 3 options provided, choose one of them as desired.
  • Each option has its own description, please read the description.
  • Done & good luck.

4. Status is Typing Hidden

The next excellent feature of WA Aero is a feature that can hide typing status or writing status. How to activate the status writing feature is not much different from before.

If you are using wa aero for the first time, of course you will find it difficult to activate this feature. Therefore, we have prepared the steps to activate it.

Please read and follow each step that we provide below:

  • First, run the wa aero mod application that is installed on your Android or iOS device.
  • Enter the Aero Privileges menu.
  • Press the three line icon located at the top.
  • Then go to Settings Aero.
  • Users will be given a choice of options in the Aero Settings menu.
  • Please select the Privacy option.
  • Now directly activate the option that says Toggle Last Seen Hide.
  • Then the online status and typing / writing will not appear or have been hidden.
  • Good luck.

5. Viewing WA Status that has been Deleted

Another advantage of the wa aero application is that it can see the status/story of other people who have been deleted. The method is very simple and simple, just follow the tutorial that we provide above.

After entering the Privacy option, you have to choose the option that says Hide View Status or ante delete.

6. Viewing Deleted Messages

Usually, messages that have been deleted or withdrawn by the sender cannot be read again. But it’s different when you use the WhatsApp mod apk variant.

Messages that have been deleted can be seen and read again, because wa aero has advanced features that support this.

How to Install WhatsApp Aero APK Android & iOS

For those who managed to get the apk file from wa aero pro lite apk android and ios, now you need to do the install process. But for users who have never installed the MOD application, you should just apply the tutorial provided below:

  • First download the file from the WhatsApp Aero apk latest version 2021 which we provide here.
  • Wait until the file you actually get.
  • Please exit the browser you are using, then go to HP Settings.
  • Then enter the Security or Security menu.
  • Press Privacy and then enable the option of Installing from Unknown Sources.
  • Next go to the File Manager menu.
  • Look for the file you just downloaded/obtained.
  • Click the file and select Install.
  • The process takes approximately 1 minute, so just wait until the file is completely installed.
  • Done & good luck.

If the WA Aero Apk file is successfully installed on a cellphone, please open the application directly and find dozens of interesting features that can be used without having to pay.

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